Melissa P. (2005)

Plot: Melissa is an adolescent girl who lives with her mother and her grandmother in Sicily. The girl carries a closer relationship with her grandmother, a quite smoker woman, the only person in the world who understands Melissa. Melissa's father lives in other country. One day, Melissa and her friend go to a party at the house of some school friend. There, Melissa will have her first sexual experience with Daniele, a boy from the school. The experience is far from being what Melissa always has imagined, because Daniele forces her to make out and later forgot her for several months. But now Melissa is in love with Daniele. When they're back to school, Melissa will try to call Daniele's attention, but he barely reminds her. Nevertheles, Daniele will seize the opportunity of taking advantage from Melissa's crush, convincing her of having sex every time he wants. However, Melissa finds out Daniele's real intentions, and she will take a sort of revenge against him, having heavier sexual experiences with him and other boys. In fact, she will start a diary, in which she'll write all her sexual experiences in the future. Melissa's mother is worried, trying to approach to her distant daughter, while the grandmother will be sent to an old's people home.

Alternative Plot: An adolescent girl living with her grandmother and mother has her first sexual experience in a heavy and excessive way.

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