The Art of the Steal (2013)

Plot: Nicky Calhoun is the brain of a gang of thieves, who get caught after a scam, stealing original art from a Polish museum and switching it for a forgery, which mob client Bartowiak discovers just in time. Nicky's elder brother Crunch, with a cleaner record, is sacrificed as he faces far shorter jail term, which he serves wretchedly in Poland. Out, he gains a meager living as motorbike stunt rider in Canada but is relatively happy with juvenile 'apprentice' Francie Tobin and sexy lover Lola. Nicky still pulls off ingenious art robberies, even under the nose of Interpol Agent Bick and his cynical 'paroled consultant' Samuel Winter. Hearing of a copy of the Gutenberg Bible being stolen from an Amsterdam museum, Nicky braves Crunch's lust for vengeance and (re)assembles the crew to deliver it to US client Reverend Herman Headly, whose contraband shipment is stuck at a US-Canadian border station. The plan is for French forger Guy de Cornet to make copies for unsuspecting criminal clients so as to earn enough for all to retire, but Nicky has a further devious plan and isn't alone.

Alternative Plot: Crunch Calhoun (Kurt Russell), a motorcycle daredevil and art thief, agrees to help his brother with one last heist. As Crunch gathers his old team and plans to steal a priceless book, he has no idea his brother has his own hidden agenda.

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