From Time to Time (2009)

Plot: In 1944, young teenager Tolly (Alex Etel) travels to the family real estate Green Knowe in the countryside of England to stay with his estranged grandmother Mrs. Oldknow (Dame Maggie Smith). His mother went to London to search for information about his beloved father, who is missing in action in World War II. Mrs. Oldknow is trying to sell Green Knowe since she has financial difficulties and does not have any valuable assets to sell. During the night, Tolly meets two ghosts in his room and he goes to his grandmother to ask whether she believes in ghosts. Mrs. Oldknow explains that the manor has many ghosts from their family. Soon, Tolly learns that he can travel to the beginning of the nineteenth century and he discloses secrets from the past of his family while waiting for his mother and the news about his father.

Alternative Plot: Tolly (Alex Etel), a 13-year-old teenager staying with his grandmother at the end of World War II, discovers he can travel back in time as a ghost, and helps his ancestors solve a mystery.

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