Stella (1955)


Plot: Fiercely proud and unapologetically independent, Stella--the blonde Rebetico diva and flamboyant entertainer of the small night-club named Paradise--above all, is a woman who cherishes her freedom. Choosing to give in to desire without ever committing herself to one man, the feisty vocalist stays true to her ideals; however, a fateful encounter with the explosive and egotistic football player, Miltos, will pave the way for an unexpected and all-consuming whirlwind romance. Up until now, no one has ever managed to control Stella and rob her of her precious autonomy; nevertheless, Miltos is the inadvertent catalyst in an already volatile relationship, and he demands total surrender. Undoubtedly, love is grand but it can be dangerous--and as everything points to a tragic ending--only a paradoxical act of carnivorous devotion can provide catharsis. And in the aftermath of passion, there can be no winners.

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