Orphan (2016)



Plot: Four different instances in the life of the same woman, as this is divided into four significant periods of her existence, such as childhood, puberty, adolescence and adulthood, all representing fragments and diverse aspects of her being as its central focal point. Emotionally damaged, Renée is a caring school teacher who is committed to the education of the underprivileged youth, trying to get pregnant with her boyfriend in an attempt to straighten up her life. However, her past is going to catch up with her in the shape of Tara, a self-destructive, addicted gambler, who has some unfinished business with her which date back some seven years ago. As we make a step back in time, we find Sandra, a careless and fresh young woman in her twenties, who is introduced to the world of horse races by the professional gambler, the elderly Lev who gives her a job at the racetrack as a "mule" carrying bet money to the cashiers. Later on and further back in time, Karine is an early-developed, audacious 13-year-old teenager who engages herself in a constant merry-go-round of superficial relationships, always on the run from her brutal father, craving the attention she has never received. Ultimately, we see Kiki, a little girl from the province, whose innocent game of hide-and-seek, quickly turns into a disaster. In the end, as we examine this fractured portrait of interconnected parallel lives, we can finally reach the very soul of a fearless woman, a complex individual who is determined to achieve freedom.

Alternative Plot: A young woman moves to Paris and works as a teacher, hoping she can escape the shadow of her disastrous past.

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