Flipped (2010)

Plot: 1963. The Loskis and the Bakers have lived across the street from each other since 1957 when the Loskis moved into the neighborhood. They, as families, have never spent any time together socially in the differences especially between the family patriarchs, judgmental Steven Loski who has always viewed the Bakers as beneath him especially since they won't even maintain their yard, while free-spirited Richard Baker has other priorities in life with the family's limited funds to worry too much about what Steven thinks. Juli Baker, now in the eighth grade, has had a crush on classmate Bryce Loski ever since the Loskis were unloading their moving truck when she and Bryce were in the second grade, and Juli looked deep into Bryce's eyes. Bryce, however, has done whatever he felt he needed to do to avoid who he considered overbearing and thus annoying Juli. Bryce's maternal grandfather, Chet Duncan, who recently moved in with the Loskis, sees Juli in a different vein, she the rare soul that is a beacon of light, much like his now deceased wife. Several events in Bryce and Juli's lives are shown this year - seen individually from Bryce and Juli's very different perspectives - that may change the tide in their relationship, the ups and downs which are also affected by external forces combined with the strength or weakness within each of Bryce and Juli.

Alternative Plot: When they meet in second grade, Juli Baker falls instantly in love with her neighbor, Bryce Loski. Bryce, however, does not feel the spark. From that day forward, he (Callan McAuliffe) tries hard to keep brash and unpredictable Juli (Madeline Carroll) at bay. After six years, she begins to feel that she was wrong about him being the love of her life. Unfortunately, that is just about the time that Bryce begins to think he was wrong about Juli, too.

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