Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)

Plot: In Lexington, Kentucky, the horse barn of the Crane family has been empty for years due to the financial difficulties of the family. When the mare Sonya, a.k.a. Soñador (Dreamer, in English), breaks a foreleg in a race Palmer, the owner, decides to put her down. To save her life, Ben Crane accepts the injured horse instead of the three month's salary owed by Palmer. His daughter Cale becomes emotionally connected with Sonya, and while the horse is being rehabilitated, the wounds in the Crane family are also healed. Soñador is given one more chance at racing, in hopes of saving the family's property from foreclosure.

Alternative Plot: Ben Crane (Kurt Russell) is a horse trainer who is struggling to connect with his precocious daughter, Cale (Dakota Fanning). But then a horse by the name of So

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