The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan (2023)

Plot: D'Artagnan, a young man from Gascony, is almost killed trying to stop a young woman from being kidnapped, by a mysterious older woman and her henchmen. He then travels to Paris to join the Musketeers of the Guard. D'Artagnan visits Capitaine de Tréville, commander of the musketeers at its headquarters. Tréville, who knew D'Artagnan's late father, says he will write him a letter of introduction. D'Artagnan sees one of the men who tried to kill him in the street below, and rushes out of the building to confront him, but, in so doing, unintentionally offends three musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, who each demand satisfaction; D'Artagnan decides to fight a duel with each of them that afternoon

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