Free Birds (2013)


Plot: Standing out from the rest of the flock for his exceptional intelligence, Reggie, an ordinary and plump farm turkey, realises the terrifying truth that his end is near, and so is for the remaining of his feathered companions. But, when the President of the United States himself chooses Reggie as the year's traditional "pardoned turkey", a lush life in the bosom of the White House awaits, only to be interrupted by Jake, the radical activist. Clearly out of his comfort zone, Reggie must team up with the strong-willed brother-in-arms to fulfil their species' higher mission: to travel back in time to the First Thanksgiving in the unknown Plymouth Colony of 1621, rewrite history, and make sure not a single turkey is ever again on the holiday menu. But, can the intrepid time-travelling duo inspire their fellow fowls to fight for their lives?

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