Ron's Gone Wrong (2021)

Plot: Tech giant Bubble creates an algorithm to help children find friends and develop relationships through the use of robots called B-bots. A combination of a smartphone and a best friend, B-bots seem to take the world by storm. Soon everyone seems to have a B-bot... except for Barney, a middle-school student who lives with his father and grandmother in a small house on the edge of town. Barney's family is very poor, so he is not well-liked and tries not to be noticed at school. When students begin to bully Barney for not having a B-bot, his father and grandmother set out to get him one. They are not allowed into the store, but they discover a man in a loading bay who sells them a damaged B-bot. Barney and the B-bot, Ron, have a difficult start to their relationship. Ron embarrasses Barney in front of a popular girl who used to be his friend. But then Ron puts the bullies in their place, and Barney becomes best friends with him. When a bully discovers why Ron acts so unusually, he removes the security settings on his own B-bot and commences a chain-reaction that wreaks havoc throughout the entire school. Bubble's CEO Marc Wydell wants to meet Ron and learn more about him, but Marc's manager, Andrew, believes a defective unit could spell bad news for their company. Andrew will do anything he can to destroy Ron, while Barney will do whatever it takes to keep him safe. Barney helps Marc discover what's missing from Ron's algorithm, and they set off to stop Andrew and undo the damage the B-bots have done.

Alternative Plot: Get your bots in theaters.

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