Cyrus (2010)


Plot: John is a sad-sack of a man, that state which he wears openly on his sleeve. This phase of his life led to the dissolution of his marriage to Jamie seven years ago, she who left him. That depressed perspective takes another hit when Jamie, who he still treats as his primary confidante, tells him that she is getting remarried to a man named Tim. To get John out of his funk for at least one night, Jamie and Tim invite him along with them to a party where they encourage him to socialize with the plethora of fun women who they promise will be there. Against the odds, John, openly lamenting about his depressed state and the reason why, does make a connection with beautiful Molly. What Molly likes about John is how open and honest he is about himself and what he wants, which leads to John not following the regular social conventions of dating in his pursuit of her. Molly, while seeming to like John, is in full non-disclosure about something about her own what she states complicated life that is making her keep her distance to a degree. John does find out that that complication is Molly's unusual relationship with her twenty-two year old son, Cyrus, who still lives with her and upon who she dotes. Molly's treatment of Cyrus is because of his sensitivity about life in general. However, John finds that Cyrus, truly an adult in many respects, openly welcomes him into their house and into their lives. John eventually finds that what Cyrus portrays on the surface and what he is truly feeling and thus manipulating are two different things, Cyrus whose every action is in an effort to get John out of their lives while making it look like it's all John's fault. As John is truly falling in love with Molly and she for him, John has to decide if Molly is worth the battle with Cyrus, and if so how best to handle the situation in what could easily be Molly needing to take a side, which more than likely would be on her son's.

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