The Warrior's Way (2010)

Plot: Master Yang's latest sword duel victory allows him to achieve his family's goal, exterminating the rival samurai gang, but he spares an enemy infant 'heiress'. Knowing this exposes him to bloody revenge from his own clan, led by his mentor, who mobilizes for that purpose, Yang flees Asia to a friend in the Wild West. Arrived in the petty Badlands town, he finds his mate deceased, laving no heir but him for his meager income, the only launderette., among a freak population of stranded circus people. Yang decides to stay in that hideout, growing flowers and forming a laundry partnership with shameless red-hair Lynne, who helps raise the baby and is sort of trained for battle. He takes charge, despite considering to leave quietly rather then risk attracting his nemesis's attention, when the region's black band of reprobate gunmen returns, threatening to kill and plunder massively once more.

Alternative Plot: Refusing to kill an infant from an enemy clan, master swordsman Yang (Jang Dong-gun) takes the child and flees to an American frontier town. He puts away his sword for good, vowing to raise the baby in peace. Yang befriends Lynne, a woman who wants revenge against a colonel, the man who murdered her family. When the colonel returns to wreak havoc on the town, Yang draws his sword to protect his new friends, but the sound of fighting draws Yang's murderous clansmen into the fray as well.

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