Little White Lies (2010)

Les petits mouchoirs


Plot: In Paris, a truck runs over the biker Ludo while he is driving home after spending the night snorting cocaine in a night-club. His long-time friends visit him in the hospital where he is in coma. The group is ready to travel on the annual vacation to the house of the successful businessman Max Cantara nearby Bordeaux and they decide to travel anyway and return when Ludo is better. The physiotherapist Vincent Ribaud, who is married with a child, tells to his fifty year-old friend and godfather of his son, Max, that he wants to talk to him in private and they have lunch together in Max's restaurant. Vincent discloses to him that he has fallen in love with him. Max reacts to his words and Vincent asks him to keep the secret and forget their conversation. Along the days, each friend has a little secret while Max is near nervous breakdown with Vincent. Until the day that Max's friend Jean-Louis tells the truth about their little lies and friendship.

Alternative Plot: After a traumatic event, friends go on a beach vacation where their relationships are sorely tested as they are forced to admit the little lies they have been telling one another.

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