The Star Chamber (1983)

Plot: Judge Stephen Hardin finds himself distraught when he's forced to dismiss the charges against an obviously guilty criminal due to a legal technicality. Judge Ben Caufield, sensing Hardin's distress, informs him that a secret organization of judges has been meeting and hiring a hitman to kill other criminals who have similarly gotten off the hook. Caufield invites Hardin to join the organization. Hardin proceeds to wrestle with his conscience, especially when he presides over the trial of two obviously guilty child molesters/murderers...

Alternative Plot: Judge Steven Hardin (Michael Douglas) is discouraged by the failures of the legal system after seeing hardened criminals go free on technicalities. Acknowledging Hardin's perspective, his peer, Benjamin Caulfield (Hal Holbrook), introduces him to the Star Chamber, a secret organization that condones vigilante action in cases where justice has not been served. However, when the cabal sentences two criminals to death, and Hardin finds them falsely accused, he clashes with the powerful group.

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