Clue (1985)

Plot: On a rainy night full of mystery and intrigue, seven unrelated guests gather in a Gothic New England mansion. To protect the anonymity of the eccentric, hand-picked invitees, the cryptic butler, Wadsworth, and Yvette, the well-endowed French maid, have given them secret code names: Miss Scarlet, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mr Green, Mrs White, and Mr Boddy. At first, after breaking the ice, it seems that this is going to be an ordinary dinner party; then, suddenly, the lights go out, and warm, bright-red blood stains the manor's thick carpets. Now, everyone is a suspect, as each of the equally suspicious guests had a motive, and the opportunity to kill. But, who is the killer? Could it be the experienced Mr Green, the seductive Miss Scarlet, or could it be the usual suspect of the crime novels, the butler?

Alternative Plot: Based on the popular board game, this comedy begins at a dinner party hosted by Mr. Boddy, where he admits to blackmailing his visitors. These guests, who have been given aliases, are Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Mrs. White and Col. Mustard. When Boddy turns up murdered, all are suspects, and together they try to figure out who is the killer.

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