A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (1996)

Plot: Darnell Wright (Martin Lawrence) has a way with the ladies- both figuratively and literally. Darnell begins to feel like he hit the jackpot when he meets Brandi Web (Lynn Whitfield), who starts off playing hard to get, until she eventually gives in to Darnell's advances. But when Darnell reconnects with Mia (Regina King), a longtime friend, he begins to form a stable and committed relationship with her. Immediately, he tosses out not only his other relationships with a few other women, but also tosses out his relationship with Brandi. Brandi immediately becomes unstable and starts stalking him. But things get really personal when Brandi starts threatening Mia, forcing Darnell to see the error of his ways and ultimately learning to stop trying to be "the" man and become "a" man.

Alternative Plot: Ladies' man Darnell Wright (Martin Lawrence) is used to getting his way with women. Although he is committed to marrying his longtime love, Mia (Regina King), he can't help himself when he meets the beautiful and standoffish Brandi (Lynn Whitfield). After bedding and then trying to ditch Brandi, Darnell is in for an unpleasant surprise: the unhinged Brandi is not about to let Darnell dump her, and she will do anything to exact revenge on him for tossing her aside.

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