A Kind of Murder (2016)

Plot: When Walter Stackhouse, an architect with a passion for writing, stumbles across an article about the unsolved murder case of Helen Kimmel, the gradual descent into a pit of lies, betrayal, and guilt awaits him. More and more--as the unhappily married Walter seeks inspiration for his crime novel--he finds himself entangled in a thorny mystery, without realising, however, that he alienates himself from Clara. Now, before a precarious situation, morbid thoughts start flooding Walter's confused mind, as Clara's untimely death intertwines the two deaths that share a small, but strange resemblance. But, as flimsy fabrications and inescapable contradictions multiply, who will be able to tell the difference between a liar and a murderer?

Alternative Plot: Walter Stackhouse is rich, successful and unhappily married to the beautiful but damaged Clara. His desire to be free of her feeds his obsession with Kimmel, a man suspected of brutally murdering his own wife. When Walter and Kimmel's lives become dangerously intertwined, a ruthless police detective becomes convinced he has found the murderer. But as the lines blur between innocence and intent, who, in fact, is the real killer?

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