Pentecost (2011)


Plot: Damien Lynch is a reluctant altar boy. His altar boy days may be over because of an incident at a church service for which his embarrassed father, Pat Lynch, punishes him: no football of any sort for three months. This punishment is a fate worse than death for Damien as his beloved team, Liverpool, is in the European Cup final. Damien may get some redemption as despite the church elders' reluctance to use him, he is the only trained altar boy available for the upcoming mass being presided over by the visiting Archbishop. Damien's father promises to lift his punishment if he redeems himself at the Archbishop's mass, that lifting of punishment in time for the European Cup final. Fail, and the punishment gets extended indefinitely. Mr. Quinn's locker room pep talk and Damien's own thoughts about Liverpool may have some affect on what happens at that mass.

Alternative Plot: After Irish altar boy Damien accidentally knocks Father O'Toole off the altar, his punishment is not being allowed to watch football.

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