Dracula (1992)

Plot: Drunk with victory over the Ottomans' innumerable legions, fifteenth-century Romania's invincible monarch, Vlad III Dracula, unjustly, tastes the insurmountable suffering of personal loss. Now, more than four centuries later, in late-nineteenth-century London, a successful real-estate deal paired with fate's cruel irony, brings the Transylvanian Count and nature's eternal abomination in the bustling city, in search of a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Dracula's late wife--the delicately beautiful, Mina. With Mina's young solicitor fiancé, Jonathan Harker, forever imprisoned in the vampiric aristocrat's impregnable castle, helpless victims fall prey to his unquenched bloodlust, as the undaunted vampire killer, Professor Abraham Van Helsing, swears to put an end to Dracula's tyranny. Once, love cursed Vlad to walk eternally among the living. Will now love mark his demise?

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