The Tramp (1915)


Plot: Charles Chaplin, a tramp, sits at the roadside to eat his noonday repast. While the fastidious Charlie is polishing his nails another hobo steals his lunch, leaving a brick in its place. Chaplin makes his meal on grass, uses his tomato can for a finger bowl, absent-mindedly wraps up the brick in his kerchief and walks on. He comes on the hobo trying to rob a farmer's daughter and promptly taps him with the brick. The hobo's two companions rush to the scene but the brick proves effective and they take refuge in the river. Chaplin follows but they throw mud at him and he falls into the campfire, setting the seat of his trousers ablaze. The hobos keep him from the river and with trousers blazing he rushes wildly in search of water, which he finds after doing considerable damage to his seating capacity. The girl takes him home, where he eats his dinner from the mantelpiece. The farmer gives him a job, but he merely messes things up, stabbing a farm hand with a pitchfork, knocking down the farmer with a sack of grain and spilling bad eggs on a spring poet. That night he saves the farmer's home from being robbed by the hobos, but is shot and wounded by the farmer. He finds being nursed by the farmer's daughter an agreeable occupation and falls in love. When he finds she has another sweetheart, he picks up his kerchief and brick and becomes a tramp once more.

Alternative Plot: The little fellow finds the woman of his dreams and works on a family farm.

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