MI-5 (2015)

Spooks: The Greater Good

Plot: Jihadist terrorist Adem Qasim was to be delivered to the CIA by MI5 convoy, but klutz June Keaton's supervisor gets shot when she gives chase against orders after perfectly organized motor-bikers take enough hostages to convince counter terrorism chief Harry Pearce to accept an impromptu exchange, realizing that costs him his job. Seeking to settle that score, Harry tricks Will Holloway, the son of his Berlin-killed best agent, whom he fired dubiously but whom the brass now made return from his dangerous new career in the Moscow underworld to trap Harry, to 'defect' with him. Although not amused, Will accepts, promised the truth about his ever-absent father's end, to look for a mole, who proves dangerous enough covering his tracks, and take on Qasem while testing Harry's theory that the secret agenda was not just his downfall but the end of MI5, to be reduced to a CIA appendage. Harry strikes a risky deal with Qasem, which requires working with the Russian FSB.

Alternative Plot: A former MI5 agent (Peter Firth) investigates the disappearance of Harry Pearce (Kit Harington) when the operative is blamed for the escape of a ruthless terrorist (Elyes Gabel).

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