Little Britain (2003)


Plot: Welcome to "Little Britain," the British countryside of the United Kingdom. From Britain's cities to the highlands of Scotland, "Little Britain" is home to a numerous group of quirky characters. Among them are: teenage troublemaker Vicky Pollard; caregiver Lou Todd, who doesn't realise that Andy Pipkin, the lazy fat man he looks after who sits in a wheelchair, can actually walk; Sebastian Love, the gay assistant of the Prime Minister; Ray McCooney, eccentric manager of a Scottish hotel; Majorie Dawes, the cruel leader of the "Fat Fighters" who makes fun of fat men and women in her diet class; overweight woman Bubbles De Vere; former Welsh children's TV presenter Des Kaye, who works in a DIY superstore; gay Welshman Daffyd Thomas, who claims he is "the only gay in the village"; and many more. Each week, we travel through Little Britain and visit each character as we are joined by the Narrator, who gives us his comments and helps explain the culture of Little Britain.

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