Εφιαλτης στην Κλινικη (2019)

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Εφιάλτης στην Κλινική


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baba yaga, 05/08/2020

This was one of the worst "horror" films i have ever seen. The movie didnt make no sence, It seemed that these ladies wanted to test a medicine on the child or something in order to save him but in reallity they would just kill him , so it was a trap.. But in the end the child ended up being a demon and killed everyone.. this made no sence and had nothing to do with the rest of the film.. I dont reccomend you this film at all , it is not worth your time.
postscript: i think the "horror" movie makers have forgotten how to make a good movie.

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Εφιαλτης στην Κλινικη (2019)

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